This section of the website is for CLASSIFIED ADS. To sell your items you will have instant access to hundreds of local people who regularly look at our website.


There are 3 simple steps required to add a classified advert to our website

1.To add an advert to the HoltVillage website you must register (see below). You only ever need to do this once,
2.Once registered you must log in every time you want to add a classified ad or a forum post (see below)
3. Once logged in you can add a classified ad, accept the terms and conditions and pay via PayPal.

What is registration and how do I do it?
Registration to the website is a one off requirement which gives access to add classified ads.
You can also then submit forum items. You will setup a user name and password.
To register just click on the 'register' link on the left menu on on the HOME Page. You will be asked for an email address. An email is sent to that address and you will be be sent
an authentication email with a link to activate your account. Once activated you are registered.

Once I am registered how do I login?
Just click on the 'login' link on the left menu on on the HOME Page. You know you have logged in successfully when the left menu on on the HOME Page now includes 'User Details'.

Once I am logged in, how do I add a classified ad?
Go to the classified ads section of the website and click on the left link 'New Ad'. You may be requested to add some details such as home address etc. Only the email address is mandatory. Click SAVE.
Then you will need to click on 'New Ad' again and add your advert data including any images.

For the ad duration you will have a choice of 30days (£3), £60 days (£5) or 90days (£7).

Once you have made your advert you will be directed to a PURCHASE button which will take you to the secure Paypal server to pay. HoltVillage does NOT store any credit card information since you are doing this directly on the Paypal website. You can use the vast majority of credit cards or your paypal account.

You can login at anytime to modify your ad.

Your ad will expire after the time duration and disappear from the website. There is no way to extend the ad duration. You must add a new ad again.