Endowed School Foundation
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The Holt Endowed School Foundation is a Registered Charity and was set up in 1982. It was set up following the sale of the old Holt Endowed School (now Castle Court, Holt) to manage assets formerly owned by the school and the funds raised by the school sale.

It is overseen by 8 Trustees, of which one is the Chairperson, and the day-to-day running is managed by the Clerk, who may be, but is not necessarily, a Trustee.

Of the Trustees, four are Nominative Trustees (3 from Holt Community Council, and 1 a LEA representative from Wrexham Council).
The remaining 4 Trustees are Co-optative Trustees, usually members of the local community.

The Trustees manage a portfolio of asset, including rent from fields tenanted by local farmers, Capital Bonds, Current and Deposit Bank Accounts.

The Trustees oversee the distribution of funds, in the way of grants, to 2 main groups of recipients:

  1. Any person under the age of 25, who lives within the boundary of "old parish of Holt", has lived in the village for 2 years or more and is going onto further education at University or College is entitled to a grant (at present £150).
  2. Grants are given to Holt CP School to purchase goods or materials to benefit the education of the pupils; in particular goods and materials, which in the opinion of the Trustees, as recommended by the Headteacher, enhance the education of the children but fall outside those goods and materials which are supplied under the remit of the LEA and are unlikely to be purchased via the school budget. Recent examples of this are additional laptops, tablets, white boards, projectors and minor alterations to school premises. In addition the Trustees give an annual grant to Holt CP School to enable library books to be purchased.

Additional ad hoc grants have been given by the Trustees to individuals of the village who have requested assistance in the form of funding towards specialist sports equipment or for travel costs as part of their ongoing education.

For further detail of the work of the HESF, grant application forms, or to speak to a Trustee, please contact initially the Clerk, Mr. G. Mitchell on 01829 270879.