Rev Geoff Mycock Print

The Reverend Geoff Mycock (died Dec 2014)

On the day before Doug Calverts' passing we lost another friend and servant of the parish in the person of Reverend Geoff Mycock.

Geoff had been my predecessor and Vicar of the parish from 1985 to 1990. Prior to this he had been the Bishop of Chester's domestic chaplain and Vicar of Hargrave. He went on to serve as Vicar of Sandbach Heath, in the diocese of Chester before coming to the Diocese of Saint Asaph in 1982 as chaplain and lecturer in Pastoral Theology in Saint Deiniols Library, Hawarden, where he played a part in the theological training of a number of ordinands who later served as priests in the Diocese.

Doug Calvert Print

Doug Calvert (died 19th Dec 2014):

I first met Doug in November 1990. The then Archbishop had suggested that I might be the new Vicar of St Chad's in Holt and Helen and I came to meet the parish representatives at the Vicarage in Smithfield Drive. Clearly Doug had heard that in Saint Asaph, where I was working at that time, parishioners always called me “Father Tudor”. Doug greeted me at the door of our new home with the words, “I hope we are not going to have any of this 'Father' nonsense here”. It was not the most auspicious of beginnings!

It was the first, and last, critical thing he ever said to me. From then on he was supportive of everything I tried to do and in a very short time we became firm friends. Indeed, at the farewell party when we left for Buckley in 1996 Doug addressed me as “Father Tudor”. That was a measure of the man. Since that day Doug and Margot have been to nearly every important event in our family, baptisms, confirmations and birthdays.


Richard Varley 1939 - 2013 Print

Local resident, Richard Varley, died recently and his funeral was held at Wrexham Crematorium on Wednesday, 22nd May.

Richard, who well known in the village, was essentially a private person and as something of an enigma, chose to live his life in his own individual way.

Below in the eugoly that was given by Celebrant, Martin Baldry, and we would like to thank Richard's nephew, Richard Marshall, for his kind permission to reproduce this story of Richard's life.

This tribute to Richard which has been written with help from his cousin John Marshall, cousin once removed Richard Marshall and Richard’s good friends in Holt, Dave and Cheryl.       

Eulogy to Richard

Born on 27th February 1939 in the beautiful village of Cawthorne near Barnsley, Richard was the only child of his mother Daisy and father Robert. He attended Barnsley Grammar School before going to Askham Bryan Agricultural School to pursue his passion for horticulture. Richard was a very bright young man and would go on to pursue a successful career with the Potato Marketing Board.