Village Issues
Dog Fouling Print

According to recent surveys the waste left behind by dogs is the single biggest environmental concern that people have about their local area. The overwhelming majority of people (95% of those questioned) find dog waste unacceptable. With an estimated 4 and a half million owners allowing their pets to foul and around 1000 tonnes of dog waste produced daily in the UK there is a clear need to raise awareness of the need to ‘pick up the problem’.

Local Police Issues Print

The 1st December saw changes to the Police Community Support officer
serving the village. Lydia Johnson who was the PCSO at LLay is to swop
locations with Poppy Hadfield-Jones (our previous PCSO). We are
awaiting a mobile telephone number for Lydia but she can be contacted
by dialing the 101 number.

Councillor Michael Morris said, "The PCSO will still be ward based
(Holt, Abenbury, Isycoed and the Wrexham Ind Est.) during daytime
shifts but they tend to join forces in the evening responding to hot
spots. Next Spring there should be more PCSOs in the area. These are
being funded by Welsh Government and there is rumoured to be 90 or so
for North Wales. It is likely that Wrexham will get about 10 and how
these will be deployed hasn't been decided as yet. They may form a
response team so that others are not taken away from their wards quite
so much."