Holt Pageant
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The 2009 Holt Pageant

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Our village held a pageant for a few who could recall,
A time so very long ago when us Brits had gone to war,
Not with foreign nations but our neighbours here at home,
Much fiercer than the footy when rude insults are being thrown.

The war they fought was civil ‘twixt Roundhead and Cavalier,
No king today to lead the way but Cromwell strutted here,
Marching straight and true onto the cross, steel helmet on and all,
Proclaiming loud a battle, “from three ‘till after four.”

“One and all down to the castle,” was the gist of most his speech,
“There’s far more room to battle there than up here in the street,”
The bobbies came and closed the roads halting traffic in it’s path,
Too much applause and cheering, most trying not to laugh.

The Cavaliers and Roundheads came to attention in straight lines,
Marching all around the cross and back, a couple of extra times,
Then off down to the castle to pick a spot to fight,
The same one they’d agreed upon, in the pub ‘till late last night.

With time to spare to stroll around before the fight begins,
A glance among assorted stalls loaded down with many things,
The village broadband was set up there and a microwave cooking jam,
A lady was painting faces on all children not in prams.

Handmade jewellery was there by ‘Bev the bear’ who organised this do,
All hearing praise upon this lass with a moan from only two,
A hog was roasting on the path outside the butchers door,
Many folk were scoffing well cooked pork, most went back for more.

Inside the hall were many stalls all manned by hysterical folk,
With photographs and artifacts of stuff that we should note,  
From near and far they came by car to show their many finds,
But I can’t stay, I’m on my way, it’s battle starting time!

Through low trees down a dusty path leading to the castle,
Where years ago these ancient foe had met in heat of battle,
Today they came to do the same to show us how it was,
In days of old with steel of cold, just a few yards from the cross.

The cannons roared between the trees, many muskets added noise,
Frightening mostly little girls and one or two small boys,
Gun powder smoke filled the air, much shouting did occur,
Enough to lure castle ghosties out, if any lived in there.

With battle fought and victory claimed, calmness fell on Holt,
But no one thought to tell both sides, they’d battled in the moat,
Camp was pitched around the back with a medieval theme,
And all spectators wandered off from this recreated dream.

Village soon returned to ‘norm’ closed roadways opened up,
Bunting hung was taken down from trees and village shops,
Looking back I have to say, their efforts were not in vain,
And if by chance we’re here next year -
                   CAN WE DO IT ALL AGAIN!

                    Mike Stenson



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