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When I was a young lad in Yorkshire( a long time a ago) everyone looked forward to the Church Anniversary, special hats were bought, people came from far and wide and  the chapel was full to overflowing. It was a good time and very enjoyable.

The next week we were back to normal –just the average congregation. I always thought that Anniversary was the wrong word-why do we just look backwards and celebrate all that had happened? Why not also look forward and what could happen and seek to engage with people in new ways.

Well at Crewe-by-Farndon we are seeking to look both ways. To honour the people who built, sustained and prayed for the chapel over the years and also look forward to the future. Seeking to engage with people in new way. Churches have to work harder these days to seek to be relevant t people’s lives, the whole nature of Sunday has changed(not always for the better) and we have to adapt.

But we still believe the same truth as those who build the chapel. Jesus Christ is relevant to people today and can change and transform lives. The needs of people are still the same and we continue to proclaim Christ and call men and women to follow him.

What better Anniversary can we have than to meet in faith, friendship and fellowship at this little chapel in a back lane off the main road can be beacon of light to the area.