How to Contribute Print
How do I read the forum?

To read the forum there is no need to login to the website.

Just click on the forum link at the top of the page, then click the 'village forum' link on left hand side then 'discussion topics'.

Or from the homepage , click a recently added post to get to the forum area.

How do I contribute to the forum?

You first need to register with the website. Once registered then you can login and contribute.

How do I register?

Click on the register link on the homepage of the website. You need to fill out all the fields in the form. Then submit it. You will then receive an email to your email address’s inbox. Open up your email and follow the instructions to activate. Congratulations you are now registered.

You only ever need to do this once.

I am now registered. How do I login to the website?

Click the login link on the homepage and then add the username & password details you registered with. You know you are successfuly logged in when you get extra links in the user menu on the homepage (e.g. user details - clicking on this will bring up your registration details).

How do I contribute?

You must be logged in to do this. Once logged into the website (see above) just navigate to the forum and reply to any posts you want to. Or even add a brand new topic for discussion on the main topics page.

I tried all this and I'm still stuck

Please contact us by email - we're here to help.