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The village Recycling Point, located at the Community Centre on Chapel Street has facilities for dealing with metal cans, glass and plastic bottles . Please note that vehicle access is not always available at evenings and weekends, but you will save energy and walk won't you!

The paper recycling bin is on Frog Lane, behind the Gredington Arms.

Wrexham Council's flagship Household Waste Recycling Centre, situated at Bryn Lane on Wrexham Industrial Estate can also deal with garden waste, household rubble, wood, scrap metal and domestic appliances as well as waste oil and much more.

The Wrexham Council recycling helpline telephone number is : 01978 298989

Wrexham Council's Environmental Protection Service (which is part of the Public Protection Department) aims to ensure that people living and working in Wrexham County Borough are not exposed to pollution which may be prejudicial to health or the wider environment.

Friends of the Earth are heavily involved in campaigning to reduce waste and increase recycling . They have produced a briefing that explains how pyrolysis and gasification work , with a summary of the benefits and disadvantages.

Their conclusion is that pyrolysis and gasification of municipal waste is more flexible than incineration and may be less damaging to human health,although firm conclusions are impossible to draw. The briefing concudes that pyrolysis and gasification:

  • rely on a feedstock rich in paper, kitchen and garden waste and plastics. Increasing re-use, recycling and composting will dramatically alter the level of these waste streams in residual waste, and may therefore compromise the ability of pyrolysis and gasification plants to operate profitably
  • will undermine recycling and composting – which are far better ways of saving energy and resources
  • should be avoided because they divert energy from true renewable sources like wind and wave energy